Randy Channell — Soei
ランディー チャネル 宗榮

Tea Ceremony Online Lessons

Are you interested in learning tea ceremony from Randy Channell Soei, a Canadian master of the Japanese tea ceremony who has been teaching tea in Kyoto for nearly 3 decades?

Soei-sensei serves tea in a Japanese room

Soei-sensei is conducting a 4-part intro to the tea ceremony via Zoom for students all around the world. Each session is 1 hour and all in English. The fee for the month-long course is just USD$125.

During the 4 lessons you will learn:

  • The first level serving procedure
  • How to be a guest, the etiquette involved in partaking of sweets and the proper handling of the bowl when drinking the tea
  • Tea-related Japanese phrases and terminology
  • What constitutes a ‘good’ bowl of matcha and how to make one

There will be more advanced modules offered in the future. You can also become a regular student of Soei-sensei.

Groups will be organized depending on timezone and desired time slot.

Please sign up below and you will be contacted to confirm your class time and start date.

NOTE: Your information will only be used to follow up with you, and will not be shared with any third parties.