Soei Sensei has written many articles and essays on a wide variety of topics for many diverse companies, both print and digital. He is currently writing a bimonthly 12 part column for the Asahi newspaper. 

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Featured book

The Book of Chanoyu: Tea… the Master Key to Japanese Culture

Randy Sensei has written and continue writing for a wide variety of publications both here in Japan and internationally. In 2016 to celebrate his 20th anniversary as a tea teacher he published his bilingual (J/E) book on tea “The Book of Chanoyu: Tea… the Master Key to Japanese Culture” it was on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Other books he’s been involved with…

Manners and Conventions of Daily Life in Japan

(JP / EN)
Keishosai Ogasawara
Translation Supervisor

A Passion for Japan

A Collection of Personal Narratives
BlueSky Publishing
Authored chapter 13

Life in Edo / Russel Wong in Kyoto

Asian Civilizations Museum
Technical director for tea ceremony scenes with maiko & geiko